Creation of multiple Oracle sessions from TD

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Creation of multiple Oracle sessions from TD

Post by venkatunv » 16 Sep 2011, 03:54

Is it possible to create more than one oracle session from the TD?.

We have tried creating oracle session using SqlCreateSession function. But it creates a new session only when there is no session/DB connectivity created in the application.If any existing session is available, then the same has been taken and there is no new session created.

We tried creating sessions with different user IDs,then its creating new oracle session along with existing session.

Please advise if more than one oracle session can be created from TD with single oracleid and password.

TD and DB details
TD : 3.1 / 6.0
Oracle : 8i /11g

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Re: Creation of multiple Oracle sessions from TD

Post by Christof » 19 Sep 2011, 07:47

Yes it is possible!

Just declare for each particular session an entry in the oragtwy section of your sql.ini. Each pointing to the same DB Instance.

Code: Select all

remotedbname = MYDB1,@TNS:MYDB.HOME
remotedbname = MYDB2,@TNS:MYDB.HOME
remotedbname = MYDB3,@TNS:MYDB.HOME
Setting the correct value for SqlDatabase before subsequent SqlConnect calls will give you three independent sessions.


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