Performance issues using bind with oracle.

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Performance issues using bind with oracle.

Post by lairton » 29 Dec 2011, 20:02

Hello Folks,

We're having some issues in some of our customers that run our application (built with TD5.2 SP2).
I want to tell you the problem and appreciate any comments like tips or related comments.

We always use bind varible in all of our sql commands. We using Oracle ( 9i and/or superior)

Some of our command are presenting slow responce time, I'm talking in a delay about many hours.
When we run the same SELECT command in SQLTalk or any SQL client tools, the delay it's about seconds.
In the TD5.2 application, the same sql SELECT command delay some hours to return.

We removed the bind variables, replacing by a concatenated string, and the responce time was very good. as good as running from any sql tools.

Someone already know this kind of problem?

Jeff Luther

Re: Performance issues using bind with oracle.

Post by Jeff Luther » 03 Jan 2012, 22:46

Can you repro. the problem yourself? Is their SP2 a 'clean' install? (That is, not a patch/upgrade of SP1, for example?)

Can you get them -- or one customer with this problem, at least, on 5.2 SP4 (current 5.2) and have them try again? If you do this, BE SURE THAT they UNinstall SP2, then do a complete install of SP4. OR, if not a dev. environment, make sure they have a clean SP4 runtime that you provide them.

Is the bind variable in the WHERE clause? (My guess is yes, it is...)

In the meantime, I will ask internally about this issue.

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