Connect to Oracle database without tnsnames.ora

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Connect to Oracle database without tnsnames.ora

Post by » 21 Nov 2012, 09:46


I saw some samples to set up SqlDatabase variable with connection string.

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! For SqlBase
Set SqlDatabase = "ConnectionString:comdll=sqlws32;alias=SqlBase;servername=server1;host=localhost;port=2155;dbname=island"
! For Oracle
Set SqlDatabase = "ConnectionString:comdll=sqlora32;alias=Ora10G;dbname=ora10g"
I tried to connect to Oracle and it works if I have "dbname" entry in tnsnames.ora.
But there is still dependency on tnsnames.ora.
Is it possible to create connection string for Oracle database wich would be in "SqlBase" manner?
So that we could define host, port and database service name/sid for Oracle (avoiding the use tnsnames.ora)?
Something like...

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Set SqlDatabase = "ConnectionString:comdll=sqlora32;alias=TestOracle;host=db_server_address;port=1521;dbname=db_service_name"
Is it possible?

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Re: Connect to Oracle database without tnsnames.ora

Post by Charlie » 11 Dec 2012, 17:02


TNSNAMES.ORA is something the Oracle client software needs, not something Team Developer (or SQLTalk, etc.) accesses in any way.

To get away from using TNSNAMES.ORA, I think you'd need to be looking in Oracle forums/documentation/etc.

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