Gupta SqlWindows / IBM DB2 Date problem

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Gupta SqlWindows / IBM DB2 Date problem

Post by ThomasPichler » 25 Apr 2013, 12:33


one of our customers is running a Gupta SqlWindows application using Runtime 1.5.1 against IBM DB2 database version 9.5 via ODBC which has been working well in the past.
Now our customer has to upgrade the database server to DB2 version 10, the DB2-client has to be version 9.7 (because only from this version upwards the New-Function-Mode-functionality the customer needs is supported).

Now the problem occurs, if the application writes date values (using bind variables) to database using Insert- or Update-statement the seconds and milli-seconds get lost and DB2 denies writing the data without this information and throws an error.

We already tried to bypass this error using newer Gupta Runtime-versions (3.1 PTF6 and 6.0) unfortunately without success since the error occurred with the newer runtime versions as well.

Attached you'll find both log-files of the IBM DB2 client versions 9.5 which works as well as version 9.7 which doesn't work.

The following shows the relevant extract of these log-files that reveals the problem:

IBM DB2 Client Version 9.5 that works (contains seconds and milli-seconds):
Row=1, iPar=3, fCType=SQL_C_CHAR, rgbValue="2013-04-22 15:01:14.700000" - x'323031332D30342D32322031353A30313A31342E373030303030', pcbValue=26, piIndicatorPtr=26 )

IBM DB2 Client Version 9.7 that doesn't work (misses seconds and milli-seconds):
Row=1, iPar=3, fCType=SQL_C_CHAR, rgbValue="2013-04-22 09:55" - x'323031332D30342D32322030393A3535', pcbValue=16, piIndicatorPtr=16 )

Any help or advise to solve this problem would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance

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