Oracle 11g R2 client can't connect in TD62SP1

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Oracle 11g R2 client can't connect in TD62SP1

Post by » 18 Dec 2013, 16:28


We cannot connect to Oracle 11g DB with Oracle 11g client in TD6.2 SP1 application.
By compatibility matryx, it should be possible.
SQL Error is: 09293 GCI NDL Cannot load any communication DLLs, network may not be installed.

OS: Windows7 32bit
DB: Oracle Database 11g Release
Client: Oracle Client
Team Developer 6.2 SP1 (installed with deploy62.exe with ODBC an Oracle router installed)

Everything is installed on the same machine.
We configured tnsnames.ora and sql.ini.

You can perform simple check or I can provide repro case if you need it.
If we connect with Oracle 10g client, it works in the same environment.
If we connect with Oracle 11g ( client from TD6.2 EMP620.3-38281 appliaction, it works.

Can you check it?


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