TD5.2 under Win7 and Oracle 11g 64 bits client

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TD5.2 under Win7 and Oracle 11g 64 bits client

Post by arbrenes » 25 Feb 2014, 22:28

We have several legacy applications written in TD5.2 and VB.NET and are in the process of migrating them to Windows 7 and Oracle 11g client 64 bits.
Most of the users have .NET applications running from their desktops and the company wants to keep only one version of the Oracle client (the 64 bits) installed. I understand that apps written in TD 5.2 run well under a 64 bits machine but how about connecting to Oracle via native drivers or ODBC using a 64 bits client ? Is that possible without making it coexist with the 32 Oracle client ?

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