When will Team Developer support SYBASE ASE 16.0

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When will Team Developer support SYBASE ASE 16.0

Post by wong6444 » 13 Nov 2015, 21:23

Hello Gupta,

I just upgraded my TD 6.2 SP4 to TD 6.3 SP1 win32 version. We access SYBASE Databases with TD 6.3!

SYBASE ASE has just discontinued SYBASE ASE 15.7. We are upgrading all of our legacy databases from SYBASE ASE 15.7 to SYBASE ASE 16.0

I noticed that TD 6.3 does not support SYBASE ASE 16.0 yet. Would you please let me know which future win32 version will support SYBASE ASE 16.0? Thanks

I used the TD 6.3 database explore and here is the problem:
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