Error in logons to datadictionary / applications

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Error in logons to datadictionary / applications

Post by HTalsma » 30 Sep 2008, 06:35

We use TD to build applicaties and connect to AS400-database-files through this application.

As soon as we logon through the build application on AS400 platform, the problem occurs when we signed in with a wrong password on our userid.

Normally our userid on As400 will block after 3 missed authorisations (eg. invalid passwords).

In the building environment of TD 1.5 , we have to logon to the datadictionary on as400, after 2 invalid logins our as400-account is blocked.

In runtime environment (TD4.2 starting the EXE file) 1 invalid login is enough to block our as400-account.

In as400 we have 3 invalid logins before the as400-account is blocked.

How can this occur ? Previous we only used TD1.5 and never had this problem before ! Only since we use both TD1.5 and TD4.2 this problem occurs.

Seems a bit strange .... :oops:



Re: Error in logons to datadictionary / applications

Post by SCieslik » 20 Jan 2010, 08:55

We're having a similar problem with Oracle
We just changed the password security from 5 faulty password tries to three.

Edit after some testing together with one of database admins :wink:
We found out the TD (we're using 4.0.0) as well as SQLtalk try to connect to the database TWICE when a database error is produced (it doesn't do that if the login works)
With TD5.2 (I am testing this one right now, but at the moment it is not sure if it will be approved for this year :( ), the login procedure does what it should - it tries to connect only once, even if the login fails.

Is there any workaround for that except for increasing the maximum of failed logins?

Thanks for your help,

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