ODBC configuration problem

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ODBC configuration problem

Post by narasareddykr » 10 May 2012, 04:47

Hi All,

I have install the team developer 5.1 version in WINDOWS 7, and install the MY SQL server 5.5 and ODBC driver installation.

I went to the control pannel --> administrative tools --> ODBC connection and configure the ODBC and tested, the message shows connection successfully.

I went to the sql.ini in team developer and added the below code.

remoredatabase=test, DNS=test;

Created the new application in Centura with
set database = 'test'
set user = 'root'
set password = 'sysadm'
call sqlconnect( hsqlconnect )

and run the application i am receving the error message "Couldn't connect the database".

Please help on this how to configure the ODBC connection in teamdeveloper 5.1 with windows 7.

Thanks all

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Re: ODBC configuration problem

Post by clemdoc » 10 May 2012, 09:39


Do you have an entry "comdll=sqlodb32" in section "[win32client.dll]"? If I remember correctly, that entry must be the first, before any other entry (such as sqlws32).
narasareddykr wrote:[odbccrtr]
remoredatabase=test, DNS=test;
Assuming that "remoredatabase" and "odbccrtr" are just typos and you really have put "remotedbname" and "odbcrtr": We also have the server in the remotedbname: "remotedbname=test,DNS=test,server=mysqltestserver" (no semicolon either).
narasareddykr wrote:Created the new application in Centura with
set database = 'test'
set user = 'root'
set password = 'sysadm'
call sqlconnect( hsqlconnect )
Assuming again, that you really have SqlDatabase, SqlUser and SqlPassword: You can also try to connect using SqlTalk. There, you can check, which sql.ini file is used (Menu Help -> About SQLTalk for Windows -> Config File) and if you're editing the right one.
Can you connect using the MySQL Command Line client?

HTH, clem


Re: ODBC configuration problem

Post by jmcnamara » 10 May 2012, 14:25

Make sure you're using the 32 bit ODBC driver - 64 bit won't work.

Jeff Luther

Re: ODBC configuration problem

Post by Jeff Luther » 20 Jul 2012, 22:36

CLEMDOC: Thanks for your reply earlier, but just to clarify what you wrote a bit about the sqlodb32 comdll order. Here's this section in question in my SQL.INI file with all comdll= uncommented, but the important parts I'll put in bold:

; order of win32client dll's is important when connecting to multiple databases.
; sqlws32 should always be the last and sqlodb32 be 2nd last.

I don't believe the order of any of the other uncommented listings matters, as long as sqlodb32 = 2nd to last, sqlws32 (SQLBase & SQL/API) is last.

Oh, and 2 further points as long as I'm thinking of it -- both have been 'gotchas' with other users and their edited INIs:
1 -- I recall there should be no spaces in any of those entries. "comdll = sqlws32" would be wrong.

2 -- Some users don't install SQLBase so think they can comment out the last entry, which is always UNcommented in SQL.INI when TD is installed.
This is wrong! "comdll=sqlws32" must be last and be UNcommented, even if you don't connect to SQLBase. Why? Because that's needed for the router to call the SQL/API functions for other DB brands even if no SQLBase DB.

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