TD-Converter v6.3 BETA version available

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TD-Converter v6.3 BETA version available

Post by Jeff Luther » 04 Apr 2017, 20:56

(7 APRIL -- fix for reported bug and updated file attached.)

I have not released a version of my TD-Convert utility for quite a while, though I have updated it internally.

WHAT IT DOES: This utility can back-convert a TD file -- the file should be in text format -- from v7.0 and earlier TD versions. I've used it a number of times recently for posted v7.0 and other test cases here on this Forum and thought others might want to do that as well.

Note that I am releasing this as a BETA-3 version. I've converted many v7.0 samples and other code but you still find find a problem in back-converting. You'll see that when -- after converting a file to an earlier TD version -- you then read in the file with that earlier TD. When you do, you will get a "Not allowed" error. I would appreciate you letting me know in a private email what line the Converter failed on. I'll fix and provide an updated EXE.

RUNTIME REQUIREMENT -- You all probably know this, but you will need TD v6.3 runtime (or the v6.3 development environment) installed on your pc to run this EXE.
If you don't have td v6.3 DEPLOY and need it, here is a link to where Dave R. added the EXE: ... yers/TD63/

I would appreciate any help you can provide in helping me 'wring out' any errors with this BETA. Best is if you can zip and send me via private email any file which has convert problems. Thanks !
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Dave Rabelink
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TD-Converter v6.3 BETA version available

Post by Dave Rabelink » 05 Apr 2017, 06:12

Great tool Jeff, thanks for your effort !!!
Dave Rabelink

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