M!Table 3.0.1 has been released

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M!Table 3.0.1 has been released

Post by micsto » 12 Oct 2018, 09:41

Download: http://www.micsto.com/Centura/Download/MTbl.exe

New features
- New row flags:
Can be used to keep rows together on one page when printing.

Defect #189
M!Table crashes when edit mode is ended with ESC and ROW_Selected or ROW_Hidden is set on SAM_Validate

Defect #188
Under certain conditions, popup edits are editable even if the column is disabled ( only TD 6.3 or higher )

Defect #187
Under certain conditions, tooltips are displayed on several monitors, e.g. one part on the left monitor and one part on the right monitor

Defect #186
Under certain conditions, the vertical scrollbars aren't visible when the table has split rows and/or the Office 2013 theme is used

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