TDAppTools v3.1 : TD x64 support and SQLite database monitoring

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TDAppTools v3.1 : TD x64 support and SQLite database monitoring

Post by Dave Rabelink » 10 Jul 2020, 05:43

TDAppTools v3.1

This release introduces TD x64 support (TD 7.0 and up).
Also Sql Monitor is now able to show SQLite database actions.
Furthermore several fixes and improvements:

Code: Select all

   # General
	- New: TD x64 support (TD 7.0 and higher)
	- Fixed: TDAppTools.dll: Fixes crashes on empty buffers in some API calls
	- Fixed: Better handling loading TDAppTools.dll and compatibility checks
	- Fixed: QOL improvements on GUIs and TD specific glitches on several TDAppTools features
   # Gui Inspector
	- New: Added TD 7.3.1 messages SAM_NotifyToast, SAM_InitTrackMenu for MessageMonitor
	- Changed: SendMessages GUI improvements
	- Fixed: Blocking apps/windows will not hang TDAppTools anymore
   # Sql Monitor
	- New: Support for SQlite (sqlite3.dll): sqlite3_libversion,sqlite3_open_v2,sqlite3_open16,sqlite3_open,sqlite3_close,sqlite3_prepare16_v2,sqlite3_prepare_v2
	- New: Added SqlClearLongBindDatatype


SQLite feature can be manually enabled in the Sql Monitor settings screen, and only when TDAppTools detects the use of the original sqlite3.dll within the application.

More info on SQLite and how to use it in TD:

SQLite: Free embedded database in TD_applications

Info about TDAppTools on TDWiki : ... TDAppTools

Download location : ... DAppTools/

For more info on previous versions & features, please read the following thread:
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Re: TDAppTools v3.1 : TD x64 support and SQLite database monitoring

Post by a_sivababu » 10 Jul 2020, 06:56

Thanks Dave for sharing this tool with community. I will integrate this with 64 bit application and let you know if i get any issues.

Siva A

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