Solved TD-17229: Multiple image bitmaps : hover/disabled...

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TD-17229: Multiple image bitmaps : hover/disabled...

Post by Dave Rabelink » 10 Mar 2017, 13:52

TD 6 and up (incl TD 70 UPD1)

When using an image on a button which is too large to be displayed, the image is resized to fit the button.
See image 1:


When the image style of the button is Multiple (so normal, disabled and hover states are separately defined in the bitmap) these issues occur:

1) Disable/Resize issue
When not clicked before on a button and disable it, the disabled state image is not resized.
See image 2:

Now, if you click on the button and after that disable it, the image is correctly resized.
See image 3:


2) Hover issue
When hovering over a button where the image is not fitting (and is correctly resized to fit in normal state) the image is not resized.
Seems the animation from normal to hover-over is not taking the resize into account.
This looks very weird. The image suddenly seems to get zoomed in.
So when the resolution/dpi changes of the screen it can be that images which do fit in setup A do not in setup B.
That means that these users will get this zooming feature which is not wanted.
See image 4 (the mouse pointer is not part of the screenshot, but the upper button is hovered over):


In both cases 1) and 2) every state (normal, disabled and hover) must take image resize to fit into account to keep consistent look&feel.

I also tested option buttons. The same issues are also present on them.
(where the checked, disabled and hover states are not resized)
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