DevDay 2019 in Munich

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Re: DevDay 2019 in Munich

Post by aspurga » 07 Nov 2019, 08:01

Usually during the DevDays there is more to be said than the presentation given. For those who did not attend the event, it is interesting to know what product marketing manager Martin Teetz was asked and what he answered. We will be appreciated for sharing about the atmosphere at the event and bright hope future of Gupta products.


Uwe van der Horst
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Re: DevDay 2019 in Munich

Post by Uwe van der Horst » 07 Nov 2019, 14:03

Martin presented the resizing with TD 7.3, scheduled for Q1/2020. There are new attributes for resizing and setting anchors (left/right/...). It worked well for individual items like child tables or child grids. When asked to test with three data fields next to each other, it did not work. The elements overlapped. What is missing in my view, is either a split container as in Windows Forms, in which several elements can be docked. Or a way to specify a percentage by which an item is moved when the parent window resizes. But I'm not an expert here. Martin will have that checked again by Dev before the release of 7.3.
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Dave Rabelink
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Re: DevDay 2019 in Munich

Post by Dave Rabelink » 08 Nov 2019, 10:04

The presented devday materials can be downloaded from here ( ... c/DevCons/
Dave Rabelink

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Re: DevDay 2019 in Munich

Post by a_sivababu » 09 Nov 2019, 05:51

Thanks Dave for sharing this Material. :-)

I think they have done something in terms of Resizing. Let's hope for the best in the future.

Siva A

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