[TD42] cOutlineListbox issue : negative item values

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Dave Rabelink
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[TD42] cOutlineListbox issue : negative item values

Post by Dave Rabelink » 12 Nov 2007, 17:19

When a certain range of negative item values is passed in the function

VisListLoadChild, the passed text is not populated but a fixed text is

used which seems to come from Windows (explorer).

-2 > "This computer"

-3 > "My network locations"

-4 > "My documents"

-5 > "Trashcan"

-6 > "Internet Explorer"

Other negative values do not affect the passed text.

I have created a small testcase. I do not see any issues with the

negative value range on TD151 and TD31.

On TD42 this issue is present.

(I'm running WinXP SP2).



Just tested TD51, and the issue is there also.

So, what is this : a feature or a bug ?
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Re: [TD42] cOutlineListbox issue : negative item values

Post by TerryP » 14 Nov 2007, 03:36

Hi Dave,

We came across this issue about 6 months ago (before my time on the forums) when converting an app from 3.1 to 4.1, and implemented a work around to immediately update the item text (using VisListSetItemText) after it was inserted.


Terry Phythian
Reprise Consulting


Re: [TD42] cOutlineListbox issue : negative item values

Post by GB » 29 Apr 2010, 16:30

Dave, TerryP,
I got the same problem in 5.2 but I migrated from 4.2 where no such problem exists.
Terrys solution work! Thank you.
But in my opinion it is still a bug in TD.

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