OEM extended Character set in Reports

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OEM extended Character set in Reports

Post by ddagm » 12 Mar 2010, 01:45


I have a report that uses extended character set to display borders around report text. This was a requirement so we could create a crosstab style report with ordering of columns to suite our requirements. The report has a single field spanning the width of the report and it's font is set to 'Terminal'.

Following a recent upgrade (from Centura TD 1.1.2 to Gupta 4.1.0 Build 13821) the report now renders the extended graphics as ANSI not OEM. So instead of nice lines and corners it's a mess of odd characters.

I have created a dummy app with two fields , one to enter a number into (decimal code of extend character set graphic) and the other is set to Terminal font and displays the relevant graphic, to test the capability on the development machine and it works fine. This proves to me that the codepage settings etc on the machine are fine and the extended character set is available.

It appears the report engine refuses to use anything but ANSI for the extend character set.

Has anyone else come across this issue? Any assistance would be appreciated. I have also attached a couple of graphics to show what's happening.

Oh btw it's all running on a Win XP box.

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Jeff Luther

Re: OEM extended Character set in Reports

Post by Jeff Luther » 12 Mar 2010, 03:32

Tony: Neither CTD v1.1 nor TD v4.1 is supported, but my first question: when you migrated to v4.1 did you also read in the QRP into RB 4.1 and save it out?

It looks like you are passing the upper-ASCII line, corner et al chars, right? If so, it may be that you'll need to rework the 4.1 version and format your borders using either the input items themselves (or background items, if no input item nearby, that are narrow) and using Formats/Borders (select the item and r-click) and click Borders tab to set left,right,top,bottom either none or single or double line to duplicate what I see in your 'Before' image.

For example -- if I'm reading your Before image correctly -- looks like the "TOTAL" item is right justified and wider than that text. It would seem that adding left/right single borders would work for that. Add a right border to "HETRON" and link those 2 fields. That should dup. those first background text I see.

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