Line Class Problem

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Line Class Problem

Post by EWetzel » 01 Jun 2010, 09:03


there is a old Line Class problem, it occurs also in older TD Versions.

Do this Steps for a test case:

1. open a new td app
2. open the attribute inspector
3. insert a new data field class
4. insert a new line class
5. select the data field class and change the width to a value with attribute inspector
6. save the new app as text
7. close td
8. open the ts app

Now I get 4 Messages:

"Line 251: This Item is not allowed here.
.head 5 - Begin X: Class Default"

... Line 252, 253, 254
Look with the "Editor" the file at Line 251,252,253,254 and you see, the problem are the values "Class Default" after "Begin X:", "Begin Y:", "End X:" and "End Y:"
Normaly this values must be empty.

You can solve this problem with a simple open, save and close the app.

But the problem is just annoying, I hope you can solve this.

I have attached a defect app.

Best regards
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