TOM problems

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TOM problems

Post by -tommi » 18 Dec 2007, 15:45


We changed our working directories in TOM to a network drive and got some

Old working directory used to be like: D:\WORKING\XX where xx was the
version nuber.
Now we have W:\XX, where w: is actually a shared folder in a server

Now when I try to extract new files TOM gives an error like this if someone else
has that file checked out:

"The file - 'file.apl' is already checked out to this directory. You are not
allowed to write over a checked out copy of any file. If you need to extract
this file to this directory, you must first unlock the file - 'file.apl' in
the project - 'PROJECT', else extract the file to another directory."

This used to work just fine when working directory was d:\working for

So if TOM just checks the drive letter this should have not worked with
previous setup either. If TOM somehow checks the real directory structure
behind W: it should see that it is not te same directory.

Team Object Manager version is 4.2.

Any ideas?


Ana Paula Bonani

Re: TOM problems

Post by Ana Paula Bonani » 04 Jan 2008, 20:25


I did some tests based on the information you provided but could not reproduce the problem. Extract and Checkout work fine for me on a shared folder.

Please make sure you're not running into any permission problems with the network drive.

Let me know if you feel that I missed something.

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Re: TOM problems

Post by -tommi » 07 Jan 2008, 18:08

No problem with permissions. If the file is not checked out for someone else it can be extracted.
The key problem here is that it is checked out in different workstation and in different folder in server. Though the name of working folder is the same.


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