TD-345: Dynalib names case sensitive bug

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TD-345: Dynalib names case sensitive bug

Post by Dave Rabelink » 29 Dec 2007, 16:45

Very very old issue and still not fixed in TD.

When dynalib names in the library section are misspelled case wise, TD loads
the dynalib multiple times. Dynalibs should only be loaded once in the application !

Testcase :

- Open Main.apt
- Run
- Watch the messagebox appear indicating Dyna1.apd is loaded

- Now comment the first include item in the libraries section and uncomment
the second line. See the difference is only the case of the name
(Dyna1.apd and DYNA1.apd). Logically those two includes should be identical.
- Refresh libs and run the sample again. Now you will see two messageboxes.

The dynbalib Dyna1.apd is loaded twice in the application which will result in
unexpected behaviour.

See another description of this issue here : ... _filenames

Testcase attached !

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Dave Rabelink

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