SqlServer Instance listening on non-standard port

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SqlServer Instance listening on non-standard port

Post by ivanmagalhaes » 18 Mar 2022, 11:49

We use connect strings in sql.ini

Not able to connect to Sql Server database listening on a non-standard port.

We have tried the following connecting strings
remotedbname=test,driver={SQL Server};server=TestServer,1455;QuotedId=No;AnsiNPW=No;database=TEST;
remotedbname=test,driver={SQL Server};server=TestServer,PORT=1455;QuotedId=No;AnsiNPW=No;database=TEST;

The port no. seems to be ignored.

Works when we create a DSN, but we need for it to works with a connect string.

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Re: SqlServer Instance listening on non-standard port

Post by fausto.lupercio » 23 Mar 2022, 00:11


I used in SQLServer:


Example for port 21433 in SQLServer:

sConexion = "Server=,21433;Database=BaseTest;User Id=sa;Password=sapass;"

Set bOk = SqlConnectDotNet (sqlH, sConexion , 'System.Data.SqlClient', DBP_PROVIDER_SQLSERVER_SQLCLIENT )

I hope you have a new idea.


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Re: SqlServer Instance listening on non-standard port

Post by a_sivababu » 23 Mar 2022, 06:25

Is this Port issues for Win32 or .NET and what version it is.
if it is Win32 and want to bypass the SQL.Ini and ODBC then i think we need to wait as there is an issues but it works with 7.3.4 with Oneoff Patch. Refere Knowledge base document.

https://knowledge.opentext.com/knowledg ... KB17625098.

One more important thing,
Do not use SQL Server Driver as it is quite old and performance is very poor. Start using Microsoft ODBC Driver 17 as it is multiple times faster than this traditional driver and this will work even better if you use your database in Cloud. you might initially get some SQL error as SQL Server accepts even if the SQL is poorly designed.

If it is .NET, i think it should work as I have not faced any issues so far.

Sivababu A

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