SqlBase12.0 reorganize crashes database

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Helmut Mayerhofer
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SqlBase12.0 reorganize crashes database

Post by Helmut Mayerhofer » 04 Jan 2017, 14:20

I create the following external function:

create external function TESTFUNCTION
parameters (LPSTR,LPSTR)
returns (INT)
library 'path with blanks/some.dll'
callstyle CDECL
execute in same thread;

I can execute this code fragment without problems, however note the single quotes around the library path as blanks are present within.
Without the single quotes i get Error: 00901 PRS CNE Command not properly ended. (double quotes are not allowed)

If i look up the function in the SYSEXTFUN table i can find the path to the library in LIBNAME with blanks and without quotes.

If i then try to reorganize the database load aborts with Error: 00901 PRS CNE Command not properly ended
which is the same error i got when trying to use the library path without quotes, whereas using a path without blanks works fine.

In unload file the quotes are missing aswell and the file doesn't load without adding the quotes!

Helmut Mayerhofer

Mike Vandine

Re: SqlBase12.0 reorganize crashes database

Post by Mike Vandine » 30 Jan 2017, 05:04

Hi Helmut,

If you have a path without blanks (thus eliminating the need for the quotes) is this still a problem?

Best regards,

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