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Post by ivano_osti » 21 Nov 2016, 19:15


I had a problem with SQLODB32.DLL after put my applications to run with TD63 SP2 Update 1 Build 49597.

The applications run using ODBC connection:
The problem is that when I update a SQL SERVER VARBINARY(MAX) COLUMN with a large binary content, I receive de error:
"Microsoft SQL Server:7125[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]The text, ntext, or image pointer value conflicts with the column name specified.[Microsoft][OD"
I have no problem if the length of the binary variable is not so huge... For example 40.000 bytes works fine.

This is the problematic SQLODB32.DLL file from TD63 SP2 Update 1:
If I replace the SQLODB32.DLL file with the same one from TD63 SP1 Update 1, I have the problem fixed:
Well, I'm writting this topic to inform the Gupta Open Text technicians about the problem.

For while, I'm not having problem to use SQLODB32.DLL from TD63 SP1 Update 1 inside of TD63 SP2 Update 1. I'm not sure that this is advisable but solved my problem at this moment.

I ask please a fix maybe with SP3 or SP2 Update 2...

Thank you.
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Mike Vandine


Post by Mike Vandine » 24 Nov 2016, 23:21

Hi Ivano,

Could you please log a ticket with us using MySupport and then we can log a defect and link that defect to the ticket.

Best regards,

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