Problems with TIMESTAMP - datatype under MS SqlServer (ODBC)

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Problems with TIMESTAMP - datatype under MS SqlServer (ODBC)

Post by wwasilew » 24 Nov 2016, 10:50


We have a problem by reading of TIMESTAMP fields under MS SQLServer (ODBC) with the new version of Team Developer 7.0 (32 Bit).

Apparently these fields are interpreted from TD 7.0 and SQLTalk as long field yet. But this not really correct.

When a Long String variable is using in SqlPrepareAndExecute, we get the SQL Error "Invalid long field number".
By using of a String Bindvariable (not LONG) we get no error but the variable is empty after SqlFetchNext.
SQLTalk deliver the same error "invalid long field number"
OLEDB is working correct...

Testcase is attached. This can be only used with a existing SqlServer Database.
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