TD-18007: OdrExecuteProc in .NET WPF

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TD-18007: OdrExecuteProc in .NET WPF

Post by fausto.lupercio » 17 Jul 2012, 00:18


Please can you help me...

This code is ok in TD61 win 32:

Set SqlDatabase = 'T3'
Set SqlUser = 'sa'
Set SqlPassword = 'sa'
Call SqlConnect( sqlH )
Set sC = '{ call SPDEMO2 }'
Call OdrExecuteProc( sqlH , sC , sR )

And in .NET WPF crash ...!

Can you see the image..!

Pleas you can do a simple test case with the code ... i used a simple SPDEMO ... in sqlServer 2008...

You can test in your lab (QA) for this functions is ok in new realese..

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Jeff Luther

Re: TD-18007: OdrExecuteProc in .NET WPF

Post by Jeff Luther » 18 Jul 2012, 20:05

I can duplicate this runtime error and have reported new v6.1 defect TD-18007.

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