CSS on a page with Menus

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CSS on a page with Menus

Post by FRBhote » 26 Apr 2019, 10:59

On a page with Menus, CSS does not work.

The OpenText Support Team have suggested:

Regarding the issue CSS does not work on Pages with Menu , Our engineering team suggested that When we add a menu, JQM needs to add a wrapper around the page content to facilitate the slide in/out effect. So some additional CSS needs to be applied to that element to get the custom background, Could you please try below work around and let us know if this helps or not :

{ background:#800000; color:#ffff00; }
.page .ui-panel-wrapper
{ background:#800000; color:#ffff00; }


{ background:#800000; color:#ffff00; }

is the original css and the wrapper .page .ui-panel-wrapper is added.

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