How many Items ca I use in the Reportbuilder 2.0

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How many Items ca I use in the Reportbuilder 2.0

Post by m.burkhardt » 25 Nov 2008, 04:52

Hello, I have a question about the count of Items (Bind/Into) in the Reportbuilder 2.0. I have 520 Items, but there was only 500 displayed (Filled with Values).
So what do I have to do, to see the rest of the Items? (20 Items)

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Re: How many Items ca I use in the Reportbuilder 2.0

Post by Jeff Luther » 25 Nov 2008, 10:00

"see the rest of the Items" -- There are 3 places I can think of where you can see the list of Input Items:
-- in the left window pane under Input Items
-- in the toolbar combo box list next to the "Content" background text
-- right click on left pane Input Items to display the Format Input Items dialog box.

Is it in any of those places you can only see 500 items? My guess that with RB v2 (part of CTD v2.0, right?) that 500 is the limit. (BIG report! I've never heard about anyone running into this limit before.)

A possible workaround for you might be to convert/change some of those Input Items to Input Variables. I haven't tried this, but it may help you. Take a look at CTD's help for the SalReportSet functions, like SalReportSetStringVar() for more info on how to manage those. Input Vars. are generally used for semi-static values, like in the Page or Report Header/Footer, for example, so those might be candidates for converting. I would not convert any Group By input Items; that may break your report.

Let us know how if this works for you.

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