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Report Builder enhancements....

Post by lairton » 30 Jul 2010, 13:51

Add to report builder the ability to export to XLS file type.

I do not know if other developers need it, but for us it has been in demand, because our customers need it very much. Reports for auditing, marketing, sales, productivity ... we need it all in spreadsheets. We have just over 2000 reports. In about half of that we need this feature. : (

We already have coded the ability to export data from a Grid Control (and table window) to XLS.
Like Unify Q and M!Table. Export just data from grid to text format separated by commas.
But that's I'm talking about it's so more expressive.

I'm talking about we have SalReportPrintToFile and SalReportPrinToFileEx functions
supporting Format_XLS, Format_XML and FormatHTML too !!
Similar to how today is the PDF support.

And so we could have the vision in XLS/XML/HTML accurate preview of the report view.
We have so many "formulas", "break groups" into our QRP files ... if we export only the data from Grid or Table ... all of this kind of details do not will be exported too. We will lost all the report customization.

well ... this is my suggestion.

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Re: Report Builder enhancements....

Post by ivano_osti » 30 Jul 2010, 14:12

Hi Lairton.

I full agree with your suggestion. It would be the implementation "of my dreams".

I'm getting crazy because users always contacts me and say:
Hi Ivano. Do you know that report? Well, we need to export the report's data to Excel...
We cannot export all the data because we have breaks, formulas and so on inside the .QRP

We just generate a .XLS with the data we have with the "select statement" that we use in SAM_ReportFetchInit...

We also do it "by our hands" for each report the users ask us. We would like this "automatic" like the new QRP to PDF feature.

Hope Unify provide this for us.

My best regards.


Re: Report Builder enhancements....

Post by Infosys » 22 Dec 2010, 05:26


We are currently using Gupta Report Builder 3.1 version for our application. We have the reports configured as CSV and TXT format. We populate data from database on different fields in this report and create a email text out of it.
We are planning to do some enhancement in our application where in we want to move from text and csv based notification to HTMLs, graphs and JPEGs.

Is it possible to have the Gupta Report Builder 3.1 version to use HTML, graphs and Jpegs?

Can someone please help me out on this?

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