Report Builder 5.2 cannot connect to SQL DB

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Report Builder 5.2 cannot connect to SQL DB

Post by JohnSz » 27 Oct 2014, 21:02

I am trying to set up Report builder 5.2 so that I can use Define Query feature.
I have editied the SQL.ini file so that I can see the SQL database.
I have had the IT Admin set up an ODBC connection with Admin rights, he tested it and it connects.
When I click on Define Query>Microsoft SQL Server, I can see the database connection with the same name as the ODBC DSN.
When I click on it the "Connnect to" window opens", the database name = the ODBC DSN name
When I use the ODBC user and password info it tells me that I cannot open database.

Can anyone point me inthe right direction?

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