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Justify option in Report Builder blocks

Post by jurisk » 01 Dec 2014, 14:59


We have migrated our TD application from 1.x to 6.2 about year ago. We have many qrp files and they work correctly in old format. Therefore we don't made changes in all qrp files. Sometimes it is necessary to edit them and we found very unpleasant new feature for us. In old Report Builder detail block (and other blocks - report header, page header ...) has properties without justify option, bet in new Report Builder it is mandatory. As a result after editing all block content is justified and we need manually correct report.

I have attached sample - word document with pictures. First picture - opened old report file with RB62. Then second picture shows that block properties has justify options without "no justify" option. And last picture shows what happens after OK in properties box.

Is there any workaround - how to correct properties (formula, minimum height or someting else) without justifying? Or we need to use old RB for changes in blocks?

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Re: Justify option in Report Builder blocks

Post by jurisk » 03 Dec 2014, 13:32


Some additional information. This bug is not only in old qrp files, but present also in all RB62 files and it can be easely repeated.

If you have block, for example, report header and it contains 3 rows. In first row is field justified center, in second row field with justified left, but third right. If you then open report header properties and something change in it, for example, min row height and press OK, then all fields in these 3 rows are changing justification as it is in report header properties - it means, that all work, that you have done before is lost and it is necessary to justify all fields from scratch.

Normal solution for this situation is cahnges in RB with no justify option. I think that this is bug and solution is necessary.

May be there is workaround how to perform changes in block properties withot changes in content? We very often use formulas in blocks and sometimes it is necessary to change them, but now it means additional work or old RB1.1


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Re: Justify option in Report Builder blocks

Post by Charlie » 03 Dec 2014, 15:53

If I understand the problem correctly, and if it can help Gupta resolve it:

I have the same (or similar) issue with TD5.2 SP3; anything in a block that is right or center justified, gets left justified upon "OK'ing" changes to the block's properties.

It means every time something about the block is altered, all right and center justifications to every field in the block needs to be redone.

Cheers and best regards!

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