Label printing issue with report builder 6.0

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Label printing issue with report builder 6.0

Post by taltoscsiko » 15 May 2015, 08:48

I'm trying to configure a report for labels of 60mm x 30mm size. I've done this under "Report>Properties: Report format" but both the PDF-Printer and the real label printer are printing full sized A4 pages.
Is there any aditional setting that needs to be changed for label printing?



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Re: Label printing issue with report builder 6.0

Post by Jeff Luther » 16 May 2015, 18:49

Are you trying to print to a roll of labels, where each 'sheet' is a single label on the roll? Or printing to a sheet of labels on a single A4-sized sheet, like 30 labels, as I do? With that in mind, I can think of a couple possible issues.
* -- what's the 'sheet' in the printer look like, as I just asked? (1) A roll of 60x30 labels? Or (2) an A4 sheet with, say, 30 labels on it?

* -- And what *is* being printed? A single label on an A4 sheet of labels? Or...<what>?

* -- And lastly, what specifically have you configured under the ""Report>Properties: Report format" dlg. box? I see 2 places, depending on the paper size and # of labels per page that you are printing to, where this would be defined for your label:
1 - Page Layout tab
2 - Page Size tab

Take a look at the '_mailabl.qrp' sample that Gupta ships with RB; it should be in your TD version folder. Now look at that QRP's s Page Layout and Page Size settings for the 3-across mail label report. I see a def. of 3 across for a std. paper sheet. This, for me, would confirm to a page of labels 3 (across) x 10 (down). I've never printed to a roll of labels, so the '_mailabl.qrp' sample conforms to my Avery 30 labels/sheet std. paper sized sheet.
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