Printing in Citrix environment doesn't work correctly

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Printing in Citrix environment doesn't work correctly

Post by Olive » 18 Jun 2013, 13:16

I built a program printing in windows environment. It works correctly.
Windows XP
TD 5.1 PTF1

In citrix environment (Citrix 12.3), it has a hazardous behavior. some time it prints, some time, its doesn't print and splashes an error message (see attachment).
In a previous post, it was recommended use SalPrtGetDefault and/or SalPrtSetup functions.
I used it, but its doesn't work...
I build a test program to "force" printer parameters, and i found some problem
1) The port variable can't contain more than 21 characters, my port name under Citrix is "Client:2:\\Moussy\Copieur_C11C", it is too long... but, sometime, its works ( :cry: )
2) Some time, the parameters retrieved by SalPrtGetDefault function are are not coherent (strDevice is the name of printer #1, and strDriver is driver name of printer #2... strange)

I built an simple program which send one report to printer (only this function). it still works correctly.
It is amazing !
If you have an idea, in TD5.1, i'm strongly interested !
best regards
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Mike Vandine

Re: Printing in Citrix environment doesn't work correctly

Post by Mike Vandine » 19 Jun 2013, 04:25

HI Olive,

TD and Report Builder are not certified for Citrix, though some users are running this. BE SURE that you have latest Citrix updates. I have heard of 'fixes' when latest update(s) was/were applied.

There were some printing issues that were resolved with TD5.2 and above, so I would highly recommend that you upgrade TD to a newer version. Perhaps download a trial version of TD6.1 from the website and see if you have the same issues.

Best regards,


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