Report hangs when runtime is NOT on C drive

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Report hangs when runtime is NOT on C drive

Post by yshaaban » 12 Aug 2009, 06:56

Hello UNIFY Support Team,

I converted an application from SQL Windows 2.1 to 4.2. The application and reports (Report Builder) are functioning all right when I have my runtime on C:\GUPTA42. Because of our business nature, runtime must be installed on a different drive, which is in this case F:\GUPTA42. However, when reports are run, they display white window and not responding (hangs). I run same reports using runtime on C:\GUPTA42 (exactly same files from f:\GUPTA42), reports are displayed and no issues.

There is another thing that was discovered, which I am not sure if it is related. when report is run (using runtime on F drive), report is displayed with certain printers that are selected as default printer. This is despite of all printers are printing fine using other applications (word, etc.)

I tried the following options but unfortunately, they are not working:
-Changed report file name to full path
-Unchecked "Default Printer" option in Report builder

Please help...we can't promote upgraded application and reports to production, until this issue is resolved.


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Re: Report hangs when runtime is NOT on C drive

Post by Charlie » 12 Aug 2009, 10:21


Just as a last sanity check, consider, just before calling SalReport*, checking the report file name (assuming it is in an application variable) with the SalMessageBox function to make sure there's nothing weird in/about the path to the report template.

Sorry, not much to offer. (BTW: We're still on TD2.1.)

Good luck.

Dave Rabelink
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Re: Report hangs when runtime is NOT on C drive

Post by Dave Rabelink » 12 Aug 2009, 23:44

Look at your PATH settings.

Is the older TD version folder also defined in the PATH (system & user path) ?
Remove all path entries which relates to old(er) TD versions and see if that helps.
Dave Rabelink

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Re: Report hangs when runtime is NOT on C drive

Post by yshaaban » 13 Aug 2009, 12:31

I had added some MsgBoxes to ensure report file path is correct. Also, ensured that system and user paths don't have any references to older TD versions. But nothing worked. Report still freezes.

One observation is that report contains a dynamic logo. When I commented out this line, report is displayed fine using F:\gupta42 runtime :

Call SalReportSetObjectVar( hWndReport, "LOGO", gsLogoPicture )

I ensured that file is read:
If SalFileOpen( hFile, 'logo.bmp', OF_Binary|OF_Read )
Call SalFileRead( hFile, gsLogoPicture, 200000 )
Call SalFileClose( hFile )
Call SalMessageBox ('FAILED to open logo.bmp','',0)

Itried to replace this dynamic logo with static logo, but same issue. However, when I set picture object properties to static (but no picture file selected, and has border), report is displayed. And I can see the border for that object.

I am not sure if Gupta 4.2 have internal settings to read some files from C:\ drive?! Can logo be related to drive location of where Gupta runtime is installed?!

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