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Invalid Print Command

Post by Papa.Jack » 06 Feb 2008, 20:54

Using Team Developer (TD) 4.0 PTF1.
Upgraded from TD 1.5.1 PTF6.

If printing directly to a printer - generates an Invalid Print Command and references repbi31.exe (which was never used).
If print to view first then print to same printer - no error.

Why would viewing first make a difference?
How can we print direct without getting this error?
Workstations are XP &/or 2000 fully patched.

Note: Seems it (or a similar issue) has been reported earlier

"Log-A-Bug has reviewed the issue listed below and determined that this is an existing defect. The defect
number is 82780.
This defect is fixed and will be available in a future release. For further information watch for the fix in the
Fixes.Wri file in upcoming PTF's or Releases.
Subject: Report Builder: "Invalid Print Command" Error Dialog when printing on a fax printer
TD-Version: 3.1 PTF3R
Windows-Version: 2000 SP4"

If fixed what was the 'future release'?


Mike Vandine

Re: Invalid Print Command

Post by Mike Vandine » 07 Feb 2008, 02:37

The defect that you quoted states the following:

"When calling SalReportPrint() with no printer installed results in the dialog saying Invalid Print Command even with RPT_PrintNoErrors specified."

This is quite specific to when no printers are installed, probably a different issue to what you are getting.

Could you please give us a small test case? Having said that, even if we DO find an error in the version that you are using, the problem won't be fixed in that version, since it is out of Engineering support. We will need to see if it is still a problem with the current version.

Best regards,


Re: Invalid Print Command

Post by Papa.Jack » 07 Feb 2008, 18:17

Thanks Mike.
I know there is no fixing 4.x. and I'm fine with that.
I think what I am most curious about is why viewing then printing does not generate the error when just printing does?
The printer remains the same so the route through the code is different?

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