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Post by mihazerdin » 26 Jun 2014, 11:07


I found out when printing report with images to PDF file, the quality of image gets distorted.
Content of the image is barcode and the problem arose when the scanner could not read the code printed from PDF file (See attached file BarcodeTest_PrintedWithReportBuilder.pdf. In PDF Viewer the effect is clearly vissible with magnification 1000%).

This is only PDF problem the same report printed to RTF or directly to printer or in my case PDFCreator shows no distortion (See attached file BarcodeTest_PrintedWithPDFCreator.pdf).

I attached report file and two PDFs: one printed with PDFCreator and another prepared with ReportBuilder funcionality "File / Save / Save pages As" --> File format PDF (essentially same as SalReportPrintToFile)

We are using TD62 SP2, but the problem is present in TD62 SP1 too.

with regards
Mihael Žerdin
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