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Rich Text Table printing Win8

Post by beni » 12 Aug 2014, 06:49

Good evening

We face a problem with the Rich Text Control and printing tables. Actually we use TD 6.2, but I've tested with the newest SP2 with EM and it is the same Problem.

When we make in the Rich Text Control a table, it looks fine. But when we want to print the content of the Rich Text Control, the table is filled blue - but only with Windows 8! With Windows 7, everthing is okay.

Is this a bug?

Thanks, Beni
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Re: Rich Text Table printing Win8

Post by beni » 21 Aug 2014, 10:25

Hi again

Should I post a sample application? We are sure, that this is a bug and we need a solution for this, before we can deploy it to our customers.

Regards, Beni

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Re: Rich Text Table printing Win8

Post by a_sivababu » 21 Aug 2014, 13:03

Hi Beni,
I was also getting this issue and hope it can be easily producible with sample.

Siva A


Re: Rich Text Table printing Win8

Post by Jaenson » 21 Aug 2014, 13:43

Same here.
Must be sth. on ReportBuilder-side as I am using my own .net45 richtext-control as activeX in a win32 app. (yeah it works, even with spellchecking :))
When I pass it to report, tables becomes blue. (Win8.0, TD6.0SP8)

Image from TD-RTF-Control works fine in Report.
Image from my Control (DevExpress-Control, .net45) is invisible. Is there any specific format, one should set up for images?


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Re: Rich Text Table printing Win8

Post by willkf25 » 12 Jan 2022, 20:13

I know that passed so much time from this post. But that problem was corrected in TD 6.2 SP5

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