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QRP editing

Post by jim4015 » 16 Jul 2009, 13:26

How do I edit the sql of an existing QRP report?

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Re: QRP editing

Post by Steve Leighton » 16 Jul 2009, 23:49

A good clue will be in 1) the report file name and 2) the Input Item names.

If the Report file name ends in .qrp - chances are it is relying on a TeamDeveloper application programme to pass the data through .
If the Report file name ends in .cqt or .qqt , and there are Input Items, then there must be a correponding SQL query that is saved with the Report. Maybe try searching for *.cqt to find it.
Also if the Input Item names are exactly the same as some of your database column names, again chances are the report is relying on a pre-defined SQL query saved within the file, and executes when you go into 'preview' mode.
In theory, if the report and underlying SQL are in tact, then it should give you the 'Define Query' dialog - with its formatted source tables in the r/h pane. If it cant do that it, and you cant find any other .cqt files, you may have to rebuild the query. Note that if defineing the query in this way , it can only be run by opening the file rather than via an application.
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