TD 5.2 SP1 and SalReportTableView

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TD 5.2 SP1 and SalReportTableView

Post by tommyarm » 27 Oct 2010, 08:42


In my app I have a function that print the contents of child tables. The function creates a temporary report template with SalReportTableCreate and then uses this template in a call to SalReportTableView.

My problem is that numeric columns don't show up as they are formatted in the child table. Even if I set the FORMAT attribute to #0 TD shows the column in the format 99,999.00

What can I do to prevent this behaviour?

Best regards,

Jeff Luther

Re: TD 5.2 SP1 and SalReportTableView

Post by Jeff Luther » 28 Oct 2010, 21:37

My guess is that this is the default format for your "temporary report template" that you create.

Solution? - couple things I can think of:
* accept this diff. from the table window view
* change column formatting in the TW so it matches the report
* create your own QRP, though I'll bet your code will allow any report for any table window contents, so you don't have some static list you can use
* (perhaps) have the number column in the DB table be a string column in the table window. Then, I think the report will = table window because strings are 'as-is'.

I'm sure this is not a definitive list, just what I can come up with right now. OTHERS -- you are welcome to come up with a better idea!!

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