Blank Records in Report

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Blank Records in Report

Post by Kalpana » 26 Sep 2011, 07:13

Hi Team,

I have used the Conditional Display Concept of the Report to Hide some records in the Report but it is leading to Blank Rows where actually the actual records were displayed earlier. How can I remove these blank rows or records from the report.

Let me know if you need any more information.

Thanks & Regards,

Jeff Luther

Re: Blank Records in Report

Post by Jeff Luther » 27 Sep 2011, 22:21

What we'd need is a small 5.1 test case app + qrp file. It doesn't need to access a DB, but maybe something simple with 10-20 values that come from the app and a conditional in the qrp that filters out some of the values (like all even numbers, perhaps?). This would be a good thing to write for yourself as well, especially if/when it comes to experimenting to find out what's causing these blank rows and how to remove them.

Since this is in the 5.1 section I don't know what changes/fixes might have occurred since then. Those blanks may be a side-effect of 5.1 RB masking out those rows?

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