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SalReportView - Report Open in Maximize

Post by Sunil » 25 Aug 2012, 19:19


Can anyone let me know how to open report in Maximize mode. I observed that SalReportView open report in Normal mode and user has to maximize himself to see report in entire screen.


Jeff Luther

Re: SalReportView - Report Open in Maximize

Post by Jeff Luther » 28 Aug 2012, 18:58

I think you can do that this way, in pseudo-code:

Set hWndRBPreview = SalReportView( ... )
! VT function...
Call VisWinShow( hWndRBPreview, SHOW_Maximized )

Now, that should work but the downside may be that SalReportView() doesn't return until it's filled first page of the report. If so, this that preview window will be regular sized, then get max'd and you'd see this.

Put together a small test case to test this and if a problem zip the test app+qrp. There may be a better way -- unless someone else here has already solved this!

POSSIBLE? -- is if you use your own window for preview and not RB default window. If your own, then you have full control: just save app. with that window max'd; it'll open maxed. You could also trap SAM_Create in your own preview window and call VisWinShow( hWndForm, SHOW_Maximized ).

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