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Post by DerrickM » 18 Dec 2013, 19:06


Im using Unify report builder 5.2 ....

Here is the issue i am having, I want to make a barcode on the QRP. I can get the first * to touch the code, but the ending * is spaced out. No matter what ive done, i cant get it to close, so the hand scanner can read it. Any suggestions? Thanks!



Re: Barcode

Post by cindy313 » 28 Jan 2014, 03:02

when you print barcode ,the character can be set in the field of barcode image

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Re: Barcode

Post by Scott » 29 Jan 2014, 06:01

Assuming you're printing text using a barcode font like code 39, you could try:
a) Using a barcode font from a different supplier or
b) Have the field orientation as left or right justification, but not centre.

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