Small images with SalReportPrintToFile/Ex and cQOEmail-Outlook 2013

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Small images with SalReportPrintToFile/Ex and cQOEmail-Outlook 2013

Post by chelonet » 14 Jan 2021, 17:04

Some strange behavior occurs, and it is as follows:
If with a QRP that has an embedded image I generate a PDF using SalReportPrintToFile or SalReportPrintToFileEx, and then use cQOEmail to send an email, and the default email is Outlook 2013, it comes out correctly.
If I then re-generate any PDF with an embedded image, that image comes out very, very small.
If I exit the executable and re-enter, the PDF comes out with the correct image, until I send an email with Outlook 2013. After the mail, the PDFs come out with the small image.

If instead of Outlook 2013 it is Outlook 2007 or 2010 this does not happen. The image is correct.

The feeling is that once cQOEmail is used to send mail through Outlook 2013 (and not another), there is something wrong (in memory, in the registry, or I don't know where), which makes the generation of the following PDFs to come out with the very very small image.

Any suggestions or help.

I have TD 6.1 spr3

Thanks a lot

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