Wrong format

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Wrong format

Post by jdurban » 15 Jun 2021, 08:30

in my grid I use a date/time column with the format hh:mm and the time will be shown in correct. But if I call SalReportTableView(..) then instead of the time it will be always 01.01.1899 shown.
How can I display time correct?
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Re: Wrong format

Post by Steve Leighton » 21 Jun 2021, 01:10

1) Create your own report ( .qrp ) and don't rely on SalReportTableCreate() to do it. So you can then format the displayed Time in your own Report Template
2) If you don't want your own Report Template, use SalGridPrintPreview() which will just dump the Grid out as it is shown . Already formatted.
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