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TD7.3.3 - SalReportPrintToFile

Post by pascmeul » 09 Nov 2021, 09:16


we have a strange issue:
the first random execution of SalReportPrintToFile( phwndForm, psTemplate, psPdfLocatie, psVariables, psInputs, 1, nOptions, 0, 0, 2, pnErr ) fails on Windows Server 2012R2. (nOptions = 0; location = temp folder c:\temp; filename = 20210100002.pdf)

Retry this jobs fails until we restart Windows Print Spooler. After restart Windows Print Spooler no more issues with SalReportPrintToFile during the day.
No logging in Windows event log.

Any ideas?

Team Developer 7.3.3
.Net framework 4.6.1
C++ Redistributables (attachment)
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