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Following others posts

Post by BrianBulaw » 08 Jul 2012, 16:42

Is there a way to be notified of new posts on a thread without making my own post to a thread? I want to follow the "visual disruptions" thread in the TD6.1 Bug Reports since I'm having the same problem although I have nothing to add to the conversation.

PS: I tried posting this in the General/General Discussion section, and the submission was successful, but it didn't show up in the list.

Dave Rabelink
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Founder/Site Admin
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Re: Following others posts

Post by Dave Rabelink » 08 Jul 2012, 17:59

Yes, you can.

Below the thread posts there is a line which has the option "Subscribe topic". Click it and you will get notification msg's.
Click again to unsubscribe.
Dave Rabelink

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