Looking for an opportunity to join with Interested Vendor.

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Looking for an opportunity to join with Interested Vendor.

Post by Sridevi » 23 Apr 2022, 05:03

Hi All,
Good Day.

We have office in India with 6 members team who are all supporting for Gupta ERP multilingual applications for the past 20 years.Our contract with current Partner is coming to an end by end of this year.

We are currently open to work for any countries If someone is interested and wanted to have contract with us.

The team is having around 60 years of experience in Total in Gupta products. The Team is having extensive experience in Gupta products such as Team Developer Win32 / Win64 / .NET, TDMobile, Databases (Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, SqlBase, PostgreSQL, MongoDb, ElasticSearch etc).

Our team is recently catching up with Python and it's libraries to create Micro Services and integrate with Team Developer UI and deployed Application Server coding in Amazon EC2 Cloud and TD UI in Client Desktop.

The team is very dynamic to pick up any new languages and support!.

We are currently having below applications

1. Large applications to support Sales, Purchase, Inventory and Production etc (TD 7.4 win32/win64)... 500+ screens, procedures, Triggers and tables.
2. Checkin-Checkout application (TD 7.4 .NET)
3. Attendance & Absence apps (TD 7.4 .NET)
4. Print Delivery in Web apps, Android, iOS ( TD Mobile 2.4)
5. Issue Log web apps ( TD Mobile 2.4)
6. Many more...

Request you to send the Private Message if you are planning to discuss with us.

Thank you.

Sridevi S

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