Experienced Gupta TeamDeveloper required

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Experienced Gupta TeamDeveloper required

Post by Steve Leighton » 25 Nov 2022, 04:27

Must be experienced, pro-active , conscientious and happy to work with TeamDeveloper 6.2 upwards and SqlServer.
You can work remotely from anywhere, but must be prepared to communicate effectively with an office in Sydney / Auckland via Skype .
You will RDP to a large ERP code base in Sydney.

This is a part-time position, but hours will vary depending on work-load. from 5 hrs a week to 40 hrs a week and everything in between.

Must speak English.

PM me from this forum, with your contact details.
Steve Leighton.

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Re: Experienced Gupta TeamDeveloper required

Post by premcmenon » 04 Feb 2023, 16:57

Hi Steve,

Is this position still available?

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