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Cue Banners

Post by markus.essmayr » 12 Jan 2011, 08:53


the Prof-UI data fields have support for "Cue Banners".
A Cue Banner is a text that is displayed in a data field, as long as it's empty.

Here is an example where the second data field displays a Cue Banner:
Cue Banner.jpg
A Cue Banner can be set using the method SetCueBanner of the CExtEdit class.

Please add support for Cue Banners in TD over the Attribute Inspector and a new SalSetCueBanner method.

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Markus Eßmayr


Re: Cue Banners

Post by huiskala » 12 Jan 2011, 20:21


Igor Ivanovic
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Re: Cue Banners

Post by Igor Ivanovic » 13 Jan 2011, 15:57

Igor Ivanovic

Uwe van der Horst
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Re: Cue Banners

Post by Uwe van der Horst » 25 Jan 2011, 20:21

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