TD-26654: Option for CDK file actions (open/save/merge etc) to be completely silent

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TD-26654: Option for CDK file actions (open/save/merge etc) to be completely silent

Post by Dave Rabelink » 18 Jan 2023, 12:18

Ticket: CS0065587
TD-26654: Option for CDK file actions (open/save/merge etc) to be completely silent

KB: ... 9f034bcb8e

This feature request is related to another submitted feature request (which is already planned for TD 7.6):

Case CS0057817
TD-26634: Command line builds using new switch -S for completely silent builds


When using CDK to process files (opening, managing/merging, saving) etc, when errors occur like for example dynalibs could not be loaded or other unexpected errors, the CDK shows GUI's with error messages which have to be dismissed by the user.

The same issue is described in the other case mentioned above.
This hinders CI/CD processes which block build/process actions on servers.

Also the progress window which is shown during opening/saving files has the same issue as described in the other case.

The CDK should be able to be used as background process which will never be blocked by any visual screens popping up.

This is a feature request to add an option to CDK to set all processing to be purely silent.
No error messages, no progress windows etc will ever pop up when the CDK processes files.
This can be implemented by adding extra Ex functions to existing functions to specify the option or an overall function to enable/disable this silent feature for the complete CDK when in use for the current process.

As this is related and maybe even in the same area as the other feature request it could be combined in the same release.
Dave Rabelink

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