Collapsible / Expandable Groups

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Collapsible / Expandable Groups

Post by Charlie » 31 Jan 2023, 14:59

The ability to collapse/expand code in the GTD outline, that has always been the killer feature for me.

If I could ask for just one enhancement to GTD, it would be to "expand" that feature by allowing for a new outline item called "Group" (or whatever.)

For example: when looking at constants, it can turn into a huge list very quickly. And I can't stand long lists.

I would love to be able to group constants so I could see all of the groups, and expand whatever group for the list of constants.

Something simple, like

* Group ! description of the group in a comment is A-1, don't need anything special
** constant 1
** constant 2
** ...

That is something I'd really like to have for constants, variables, and functions.

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