Report Builder 6.0 error

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Report Builder 6.0 error

Post by Eagle » 22 Aug 2011, 05:25

I Cannot open Report Builder 6.0. There comes up a message "SQL INI File initialization failed. Check if INI file exists or is a valid INI file."
Please see file attached.

Thank you.
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Re: Report Builder 6.0 error

Post by Marcio » 22 Aug 2011, 18:56

I had this trouble because I have version 4.1 and 6.0 in the same machine

For open RB6.0 I have to delete sql.ini of version 4.1

Jeff Luther

Re: Report Builder 6.0 error

Post by Jeff Luther » 22 Aug 2011, 23:17

I have to delete sql.ini of version 4.1
OR... make sure that the version of TD/RB you are running has all of its required PATH settings listed FIRST in the PATH. In this case v6.

FYI, here is what I have listed first (that is, in front of the PATH):
C:\Program Files\Unify\Team Developer 6.0\axis2c\lib;C:\Program Files\Unify\Team Developer 6.0;C:\Program Files\Unify\Team Developer 6.0\AXLibs;<then everything else>

Thus, Eagle's issue is vary likely a PATH problem. (BTW, I have never heard of an installation of TD/RB that did not correctly set the PATHs, so if the PATH is not correct there is a good chance that one of 2 things is true:
1) it is because someone edited the PATH.
2) That the user installed a different TD version and it is now first in that PATH, yet the user is still trying to run something that was installed earlier (and no longer is first in the PATH).

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